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MRO & Spare Parts Inventory Optimization


If you want to optimize your MRO and spare parts inventory it is vital to understand that MRO and spare parts inventory is different to other inventory types and therefore traditional supply chain optimization solutions are not applicable. Find out why.

Phillip Slater helps asset intensive companies achieve  significant savings in spare parts inventories and deliver superior operational and inventory management results. This is achieved through a combination of consulting, training, and the application of the exclusive online resources as

There are two key factors that drive the results achieved by Phillip's clients:

  1. Access to the unique and exclusive resources at the online resource center, This is the central plank for any spare parts inventory management initiative.

  2. For inventory optimization, application of the Inventory Cash Release (ICR) Process. The ICR process forces your team to look at inventory optimization from many different angles rather than jumping to the first solution that springs to mind. This radically improves your chances of identifying a viable and lasting solution.

Whether or not you already use software optimization tools engaging Phillip Slater will help you to achieve greater savings and sustainable results.

In fact Phillip Slater outperforms in-house resources by a factor of 3:1


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